Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The best test preparation practices are two to three days earlier that way brains aren't overwhelmed but have the necessary time to have a place in memory. This is the best way because the brain will have had enough time to fully grasp and apply all this new information coming in. However, regardless of time, writing it down notecards or not is the way to go. Just make sure you can find it again! Something I have found helpful too is writing practice tests or some sort of study guide. Writing helps because it allows for one to focus on the matter at hand and be fully involved and aware of what you want to keep in your brain and therefore your memory. After you write, say it aloud a few times and throughout the day. Continue to do this for a matter of days. Another way is to say it whenever you have the free time whether that is on the way to work or the shower. The more you say it aloud and write the easier it will be to retrieve from your memory. Also, notecard apps on your phone is an option as well. It helps! Another major thing is that if the information is a lot separate it into sections by no means should you tackle the whole thing. Short and sweet can be the biggest lifesaver. You want to remember the main concept not be so wrapped up in all the details because number one it's hard to remember all that and number two your brain could get overwhelmed resulting in forgetting what you wanted to know completely. But, remember to have fun with it whether the methods above are used or not. You can also incorporate studying with songs or exercising. Practice time management. Also study groups with one to two people, no more than that, can help loads as well. But, most importantly relaxing/maintaining a clear/calm head will help better than worrying about it.

Angelia from Arizona
College Freshman