Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The first step in my test preparation practice is to plan ahead. If you have heard of people writing and creating their bullet journal, I am one of those people. My bullet journal is not just a journal, but a way that i can organize my thoughts and events in a creative way. In my journal i include a monthly calendar and daily agenda to see where my test dates fall. I try to study a week in advance. To study, i do my best to spread out the information. Even though procrastination can get the best of us, cramming is not the best way to retain the information. I like to set about an hour to an hour and a half to study previous worksheets, readings, and past tests/ quizzes. With these handouts, I like to create my own by creating flashcards for important vocabulary terms, then create a page that has important concepts and equations for every topic. This way, I can pull out that page if I forgot something about cellular respiration. I also try to draw any images out because it helps me remember, especially if i drew them bad. Usually by the third day of studying alone, I get tired of myself, so then I call a friend to study with me. This way we can both keep each other accountable and goof around together during our breaks. As the test day gets closer, I help my friends study by testing them on the content and explaining information to them. My teacher once told me the best way to know if you understand a concept is to teach someone else, so this is my favorite way to study because it makes it like a game. As the stress builds up and the breakdowns begin, I really rely on my friends to help me study. Then the day before the test, I sleep with the textbook near my head. It may sound weird, but I hope that the information form the book is absorbed by my brain. This positive mindset allows me to walk into the test thinking I have a chance to pass. For the most part, my technique works.

Elisha Anne from California
High School Senior
Don Antonio Lugo High School