Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

With finals approaching, there's A LOT of information to review. My courses forced me to pull all-nighters in order to not fall behind in my classes. Eventually, I discovered that learning doesn’t have to be so stressful. Here are 5 studying hacks that work the best for me!

Step 1: Do NOT multitask. It's better to focus your energy on one subject at a time. This produces quality results more efficiently. Though multitasking feels like you are covering more material in less time, the reality is that you can’t retain as much information when your brain keeps switching back and forth between topics.

Step 2: Write down goals to accomplish for that day, and also give yourself a time frame of how long that project will take. If you spend more than your estimated time, take a break. Sometimes you need to refresh your mind. Writing an agenda helps to stay organized and can be used as motivation to get things done.

Step 3: Wherever you choose to work, do NOT work on your bed. I think people are conditioned to use their beds for sleeping, so when a person tries to do work on their bed, they feel less focused. It's important to keep your bed for relaxing and having a designated area for working.

Step 4: Make sure you understand what you learn the first time. You can check your understanding by summarizing what you have just learned. If you don’t get it then ask questions or look up a video. This will help in the long run for the next time you are going over the information.

Step 5: Find a way that works best for you. Some people make flashcards, write songs, , copy notes, etc. What I have found to work well for me is that I write down the notes, and then record an audio version of me explaining the points. Then in my downtime (ex: car rides) I listen to the recording as another way to help it stick in my memory.

These do’s and don'ts changed the way I studied. I was able to get more studying done and time leftover. I hope these help the same way for you!

Kristen from Georgia
High School Senior
Gilmer High School