Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are various best test preparation practices that I apply. For instance, it is important to give oneself adequate study time. Most students rely on last-minute cramming to help before the exam; however, this may not be the best approach to take. Additionally, it is crucial to organize the study space, for example, by ensuring that notes and textbooks are well-space out in a well-lit room. Further, the chair should be comfortable, and one should stay in a place that is free of distractions. Another useful tip is using visual aids, for instance, by noting down what one knows and highlighting the unknown areas. Moreover, learning is more enjoyable when study groups are formed. This enables one to have discussion sessions and address concepts that are difficult to grasp when studying individually. Essentially, I take short and regular breaks when studying to avoid being counterproductive due to studying for long hours. Additionally, I ensure that I feed on brain food, especially nutritious energy-giving foods. Ultimately, these tips assist me in preparing well for exams.
The tips discussed above work well for me due to various reasons. For instance, I can manage study time better by having a timetable instead of waiting for the last minute to start cramming. At times, I must dedicate more study time to some exams over others whenever I feel that I am not grasping concepts quickly enough. Getting rid of distractions in my study space gives me improved concentration and boosts my productivity. Moreover, at times I put on background music when I feel that the silence is too much. The use of visual aids works well for me because I can put ideas down in writing and helps in recalling concepts. Besides, studying within a group setting enables me to repeat the concepts that I have learned to the team members and to receive assistance from them where I need further explanations. Conclusively, various study tips work differently for different people.

Siranush from California
College Freshman
West Coast University