Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I study for tests and quizzes on an almost daily basis and I have various study techniques that I find work well for me. I usually first start by turning on quiet music that I don't know very well so that I can have something to listen to but not focus too much on. Then I make a list of what I need to get done with my biggest priorities at the top of the list and my less immediate projects listed closer to the bottom. As I work my way down the list, I utilize websites like Quizlet or make my own study guides on Word Documents from the notes I take during my classes. When I study for vocabulary I like to make my own note cards because I feel that when I write definitions down rather than just read it off of a screen, I retain it better and can easily memorize my work. I also like to plan out my studying and spread out my time during study sessions for bigger tests and quizzes; by stretching out the time I take to study over a course of 2 or more days I have found that my time management for other assignments is easier to manage and I score better on my assessments by not rushing myself to study the night before. When I am preparing for anything requiring public speaking, I like to write down what I plan on saying on notecards and read over them until I have a basic overview of what I would like to say during my presentation. However, I prefer writing bullet points on my notecards rather than multiple sentences because I can go off of what I know I would like to touch up on in my own words that would flow easier during my presentation instead of pre-write word for word what I would like to say and risk sounding uncomfortable. After writing down my talking points on cards, I like to go over my presentation with another person. By presenting to other people I am able to use their feedback to further better my project and fix any potential alterations. In conclusion, I have found many different study techniques benefit me and are good for my grades as well as my morale.

Amina from Tennessee
High School Senior
Collierville High School