Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When preparing for a test the first thing that works for me is flash cards. I need to train my mind to have an understand of the concept behind a word or phrase. Once I have that memorized the next thing I do is work on practice exam questions. I do them without double checking. Once I work through the practice exam I take a short break and go over the problems again more thoroughly and slowly. This lets me outline the small mistakes I made in the heat of the moment. That way I will know what specific "slip-ups" I'm prone to make. Then I take a longer break, do the flash cards and some light textbook reading.

This works well for me because it gives variety to my studying. It also allows me to work under pressure and just for recollection. Best of all this type of studying is not limited to a certain type of class! I have used this exam preparation method for Calculus, Chemistry, and Spanish! I recommend it to all but specifically to those who are distracted easily and need variety.

James from Utah
College Freshman
Brigham Young University