Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To be completely honest, i have always struggled with studying and taking important tests such as STAAAR and PSAT/SAT. It was until i began high school that my teachers gave us an easier and most effective way of studying and memorizing information. i’m the kind of person that gets distracted by anything and any noise around her. This is why i like getting out of the house and going somewhere quiet yet friendly. Since i easily forget things, i’m used to taking 2-3 days studying, it helps keep all that information locked up. Listening to classical music helps me in so many ways and it also blocks out any distracting noises. Some of the websites we were given were Khan academy, Quizlet, Quill and such. I like using theses websites because it doesn’t only have more than a subject, it has flash cards and games to help memorize.

Dana from Texas
High School Senior
Franklin High School