Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I start my test preparation as soon as the course begins. I take notes from lectures and the assigned chapters, so I am up to date on the content and it also makes it easier to do the homework. Now that I am in college now and I can choose to take classes that I am interested in, I try to make sure that I am retaining all of that knowledge even after the finals. Having small study sessions at the end of the chapter/unit makes it easier to remember the information long term. This also makes it easier for studying for tests when I have exams in multiples classes during the same week. I employ the pomodoro technique consists of studying for 40 mins followed by a 5 min break and repeat. I chose my study sessions to be 40 mins long since all of my classes in middle school and high school were all 40 mins and my brain has adapted to that already. It also makes studying seem less daunting when it is broken up into small chunks.
I classify my tests into 3 categories: fact based, problem based, or novel based. For fact-based test I start off by reviewing the notes I already took followed by a practice exam to find any gaps in knowledge. If I find there are concepts that I need to re-learn, I try to draw my own diagrams and flowcharts to clearly grasp the material relate all the topics together. For problem-based tests I make sure I am familiar with all the formulas that I don’t have to look at the provided equation sheet. I start by doing practice problems from the textbook or the ones provided by the professor. Taking practice tests is also a big part of my test preparation since it prepares me for the test format and the little trick question that show time to time. For tests that are based off a novel I first make sure I have completely read the novel assigned. I then summarize the plot, themes, motifs and symbols. I also look at my notes and recall important quotes or chapters that we went over in the class.

Vanshika from Pennsylvania
College Sophomore
University of Pittsburgh