Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

The methods I use for preparing for a test have developed over time. I have gotten better at preparing for test. For subjects like math, accounting, and statistics, I like to do a review by solving practice problems. I have seen improvement on tests when I have prepared that way. For subjects like science, history, and English, I review and study by writing everything down for memorization and creating flash cards. Once I have written the material down, I copy it again. After that, I read back through the material for review. In all of my subjects, I like to start studying at least three days ahead of time. In preparation for midterm and final exams, I usually start studying about four or five days in advance so I can give myself more time to review instead of cramming. In the end, my study habits might not work for someone else because we all learn differently.

Danielle from Mississippi
College Sophomore
Jones College