Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

To be honest, I've always payed attention in all of my classes. However, the one subject I've had troubles with is math. Three out of the four years of High School I've had the same math teacher. No matter what math subject she's taught. She always gave out a study guide a week in advance of the test. This would allow me to get the hang of what she wanted me to learn. I'd do as much as I could understand. If I didn't understand it I would circle it and move on. Once I got to the end of the study guide I'd look through all of my previous assignments and attempt to finish the circled questions using these assignments. If I still didn't get the hang of what she taught she would work them out with me. Then give me more examples to use and practice with or she would teach me a saying. An old one is "Some old horse caught another horse eating oats." This helped me remember how sin, cos, and tangent where found in a triangle. It seemed weird to me at first but as I was taking the test it made perfect sense in my head. This kind of teaching eventually lead me to think 'If it is stupid but it works. It ain't stupid.' This soon lead me into a habit of just talking through a problem with my Mom or classmates. If I was talking with my Mom, she would ask me to tell it to her as if I was teaching it to her. Surprisingly it helped me. As I would explain it I'd get better at doing it in my head and just putting it down on paper in general. I didn't know it at the time, but having the willingness to try anything at least once prod me in the direction of having better communication skills. With these new skills I was able to get more out of what I was given. I was better able to ask more concise questions which would allow for my teacher to be more specific when helping me. It also showed others I'm bound and determined to learn. That I don't give up easily. I thirst for knowledge and the skills that'll aid in my quest. Not only for knowledge, but it helps me get to my ultimate goal.

Austin from Arkansas
College Freshman
John Brown University