Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I always found putting myself in a good mindset helps greatly in my performance on exams. Especially recently, it's been a little tricky keeping a good attitude while I've been in quarantine and that can sometimes affect my performance in exams and my overall schoolwork. The night before my exam, I try to make sure I get plenty of rest and takes small steps that I personally find calming to help get me in a more stable mindset. I brew a cup of tea and put on a face mask while I lightly review. I don't study the day before aside from lightly reviewing material because if I try to cram or make myself feel like I'm cramming, it creates a sense of panic inside me like I'm rushing and it really scatters my thoughts. When I do occasionally feel a little anxious, I step away from schoolwork and study materials and go to another quiet room. It's okay to give yourself a little time out! Small breaks are healthy but I always make sure to limit myself in what I do during my breaks; I don't do overly stimulating activities like watching Netflix or YouTube because those are very distracting and when I return to study later, I may not be as focused as I was before.

Another thing I make sure I absolutely do not have near me when I start to study or work on homework is my phone! I'm no different from everyone else, I love being on my phone! I always set it in another room away from me so I can focus and I'm not tempted as much to go and get it (however, the temptation is always there!) Removing as much distractions from your work space as possible is key; that means keeping an organized desk is optimal. I always found the less I have on my desk, the less I have things to play with and distract me!

Megan from Arizona
College Freshman
Pima Community College