Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Everyone definitely has their own they prepare themselves for a test. In the community I live in people all around me tend to get stressed out by the AP exams, Math, and reading tests. So, they tend to get themselves in a testing state of mind by meditation or other things that help them relieve stress before tests. On the other hand, I just get straight to studying but even when studying everyone has their own approach for particular tests and they have reasons why they do it in that certain way. For instance, the way I would study for an English test depending on what we are being tested on I have two different ways of studying. If it was a reading test we were being tested on like for a specific novel a typical reading test would be testing you by chapter. I would simply read back certain parts of the chapter that seem important to the plot of the story or that I think I would be tested on. If I wanted a broader approach I would just skim/re-read the chapters over again. Then once I read the chapter again I would go to the Sparknotes website and search up the summary for the chapter to cover anything I might’ve missed. Although, if this English test happened to be a vocabulary test then I would use another online resource like Quizlet that’s used often for vocabulary tests. I would recommend it for anyone, it’s a good site to use because it gives you multiple vocab tools to use as flashcards, spelling, and definition learning. It also allows you to test yourself after you’ve finished studying but, if you are anything like me who would forget things pretty quickly I would do these things the morning of the day the test is being given. Math is a whole other game plan, it isn’t my best subject so I get all the help I can. If the unit we are being tested on is something I am struggling with I first take time by myself and try to make sense of the review sheets or previous homework assignments the day before the test. Then see them the day of the test with questions.

Antoine from Illinois
High School Senior
Oak Park and River Forest High School