Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

School had always been something i struggled in growing up. I struggled because i was not very good at memorizing words or equations.Teachers and family had always tried to help but there was never really anything that worked until one day when my dad helped me with my math homework. In fourth grade we used to have weekly math tests and would have to memorize our times tables and i always struggled with memorizing these and would constantly mix up the numbers.That is until the day my dad came up with the idea of incorporating music with homework like math or language arts.As a child and even now i have always been drawn to music and art, it was always so easy for me to remember a song or a rhythm. So, my father combined my strength with my weakness and told me to make rhythms or songs when trying to remember the definition of a word or even when trying to remember the times tables of numbers.Ever since i started using this strategy i have been excelling in school and went from almost flunking fourth grade to acing my tests and quizzes.Till this day it is a strategy i use in order to organize my thoughts and remember certain facts. I am very thankful for learning this strategy because without it i would not have been able to excel the way i did in school and maintain the GPA i have.

Naudia from Michigan
High School Senior
Melvindale High School