Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Test" such a daunting word, but has the opportunity to be a great victory. One could think of test preparation as an art which takes take a trial and error approach to master this art. After many tests and many successes and some failures, I believe that I have mastered this art. The way that I approach a test depends on the subject, but there is one thing that is always the same and it is repetition. Whether this includes going over math probs, or chemistry practice problems, or even having the reread your lecture notes, repetition is the key to recollecting the information being tested on. One successful practice I have found is writing notecards one day and on days leading up to the test, flash through them. By writing the information down I can almost see the answer that corresponds to the question when reviewing it. The more familiar I make myself with the information the less likely it is that I will forget it right before the test, because like many I get anxious before tests. Another successful tip for studying is never cram! It is proven that your brain retains more information if you study a-little and sleep on it instead of trying to remember a big chunk of material at once. With this concept comes time management. You must prepare at-least a week prior to a big exam to give yourself the opportunity to recollect all the information that will be tested on. Finally, another way that I find that helps me prepare for a test is by teaching someone the material. This could be a friend, your roommate or call your parent on the phone, but by speaking the information aloud helps the brain process the information because it works different parts of the brain. With all of this being said, everyone learns differently and you just have to be patient enough to master your own learning style.

Jessica from Ohio
College Freshman
University of Mount Union