Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout my high school experience, I learned that academic success can only be achieved through proper test preparation. In trying different methods, I figured out that flashcards and cheat sheets worked best in helping me retain information and ace tests.

Digital flashcards on Quizlet proved to be most effective and convenient for me, as I can study on my phone anywhere. During downtime in class, I recruit classmates to give me terms to define or quiz myself. Flashcards give me the option to study collaboratively or independently. I’m able to copy and paste from files my teacher provided us or find cards already made by other people, making more time for studying instead of making cards. Quizlet also allows me to simulate tests, as it uses the cards to generate matching games, fill in the blanks, and other tools to memorize the terms.

While I don’t use my cheat sheets during most tests, they do help refresh my memory right before the test. A few days before the test, I highlight key information from my detailed notes and create neater notes that are only one to two pages long, covering the basic but most important ideas. Doing so allows me to skim through it right before the test and remember the specific chunks of information I took the notes from. My cheat sheets are also useful when taking open notes tests because they’re clear and concise, saving myself from flipping through and reading countless pages of notes.

Nights before important tests, I make sure to meditate and take deep breaths to calm my nervous heart and sleep easier. When I can, I also listen to upbeat, happy music to build up my confidence a few minutes before the test, allowing me to lessen doubt in my answers. My test prep routine has reduced stress and contributed to the betterment of my mental health. It has been instrumental in my academic performance as an A plus student throughout my high school career, keeping me hopeful that it will also help me as I pursue higher education.

Ma Princess from Georgia
High School Senior
Savannah Arts Academy