Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have always had a difficult time studying. I was always good at tests and just generally in my classes until high school. Then I had to learn how to study, as it became a lot harder to just wing it. I am glad that I have learned to study effectively so that I can take that into college with me and I can be confident in what I am learning. The best ways that I have learned to study are in this order: Study with friends, online flashcards/study journals, and constantly reviewing what I had learned so far in class.

My friends and classmates were my biggest support in high school. I leaned on them and they did the same so that we could all be successful. Though it was difficult to not just copy each other’s homework most of the time, we took the time to teach and learn from each other. The classes we worked on were the ones we had the most success in.

The next most useful tool, for me, is online resources. I love using online flashcards for studying. I like that I don’t have to write a million of them each chapter, as they’re most likely already written up. I like that they can easily link to other ways of studying that are good for other courses. For some classes, flashcards are the way to go. For others, I like videos or practice tests. It depends on the subject and the teacher’s teaching style. But no matter what, I can find these resources online.

The third tool I use in my studying is constantly reviewing what I have learned. My high school Spanish teacher taught me this. He said that if I take ten minutes each night and review what I learned that day or week, it would sit in my conscious memory better. One I tried it, I became much more successful.

These are the three resources that I use the most, that lead me to success. My friends taught me a lot outside of the classroom, online resources lead me to deeper learning and reviewing each night showed me where I was lacking. I'm going to take these tools into my college life, making it a little easier.

Kristen from Utah
College Freshman
Utah State University - Eastern