Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My test preparation practice is to make quilts, study notes, and either type or handwrite the most important notes of all. I like to use quilts because they allow you to add as many terms or flashcards as you want. You can also use those flashcards to take practice test, play games, match, or even true to false. Studying notes helps me refresh what I have already learned and usually, I'll create a rhyme to memorize the notes. For example, in government I couldn't remember a Supreme Court case and what it involved. I used the court case, McDonald v. Chicago and memorize the saying "Old McDonald had a gun" because the case was about gun rights. Creating a rhyme scheme or just a silly phrase helps me memorize the important facts about any topic. My last test preparation is rewriting notes. When I do this, I rewrite them in different colors and categorize them. I like to use bold colors to stand out and I keep all those notes in one notebook to look over. Having a categorizing color system helps my brain learn different techniques to remember every important topic in the subject. These skills have helped me through 7 AP classes with an A, which is very hard to do. I think these tips and skills will help others with a brain like mine where you have to categorize and rhyme with colors.

Sara from Georgia
High School Senior
Kell High School