Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

After taking several tests during my 13 years of education, I have faced many fails and successful tests through different ways of studying. I think that after putting all my different methods in action that I have finally found the test preparation that suits me best when it comes to studying. For one, I make sure to spread out 30 minutes to an hour of studying every day from the day I found out about the test to the day of, to make sure that I don't leave it all for the last minute. I try to go over notes and write on sticky notes question or important information that I forgot to include on the side. Later, on flashcards, I write all the important terms and information again, because rewriting the same information will more likely stay in a person's memory. Then with the flashcards, I can review all of the significant information for the test and not have to search for it within my notes. Yes, to most this seems like a long process but it really works, and not only am I memorizing the information but I am grasping and learning it.

Aiyana from Florida
High School Senior
Forest Holl high school