Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to study is by using sticky notes. If there are terms or names I am memorizing, I simply write it out like a flash card and stick it to my fridge, mirror, or door. This way, even when I don't sit down to study, I am still soaking up the information. When I studied latin, I stuck the word for chair, "sella", onto a chair. I posted the word for apple, mallum, onto every apple so every time I ate breakfast I would be reminding myself of the word. This works well for longterm memory, as I am constantly taking the information in.
Another way I like to study is through diving into concepts. For example, I will study why a team is called what it is, and how it correlates to other terms given to me, even if this is not expected on the test. This way, I have the ability to explain to myself my reasoning as I am taking a test. I do not do well with a scantron formatted test and when I take a test I always ask for a blank piece of paper to further explain my reasoning for each answer. By doing this, I have the opportunity to showcase my knowledge rather than hoping my answer is correct. Because I do this, I have an extra initiative to study. If I do not feel comfortable explaining my reasoning while studying, I know that I do not know enough about the subject at hand and will dive into it even more. Finally, one thing I do stay away from is pulling "all nighters" in order to study for a test the night before. If I am putting time into learning something, I value that opportunity and I study from the day we begin learning until the day we take the test. Even after a test is taken, I like to occasionally refresh my memory on the subject. I value my education and I hold myself to high standards. Though I have never personally used Mometrix, I strongly believe that its ideals are well crafted and provide value to each student who will use it.
In conclusion, I value long term memory and a well rounded understanding of a topic. When I study, I target these points.

Meghan from Wisconsin
High School Senior
Fox Valley Lutheran High School