Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

When it comes to studying or preparing for an exam, I am one of those people that I struggle with the actual exam. It seems that all of the information floats out of my head as soon as I walk in a room. I have had to work for many years to find a way that helps me to be prepared to the best of my ability.

During my high school years, I have had to drop back to making flash cards for myself. I have found that flash cards are a proven winner for me in that they keep the facts simple and concise. When I utilize flash cards, I do not feel overwhelmed with information. I can make 200 cards but when I study, I tend to study in small groups of 10-15 cards at a time. This allows me to process details in smaller bits. As I go through the cards several times I feel my confidence growing. As I better understand the data, then I move on to another group of 10-15 cards. Then I will filter in a few of the others and go back and forth between the two groups. As my confidence builds, I can move on to other groups. By using this method, when I get to the test, sometimes I may still forget the info. What I found is that when this happens, I start thinking of the batches of flash cards and that helps me to narrow down the batch and then I can zero in on the needed information in my head.

When testing, I find that I can panic or feel stressed when taking tests. However, by using small groups of flash cards, I do not feel as stressed or pressured to learn everything that is needed for a mid-term or a final exam. Using the flash cards keeps things simple and manageable. When others ask for my tips, I always tell others to keep it simple and use flash cards.

Jordan from Indiana
High School Senior
Indiana University High School