Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Allow me to let you in on a secret: I was horrible at studying. However, as I grew up, my test preparation strategies strengthened through various techniques. Firstly, I thrive when with others. That is the first technique: study groups. Studying with my peers allows interaction between various sources and allows us to quiz one another. Reciting facts and solutions and quizzing one another out loud provides us with the repetition needed for our brains to absorb the content. It helps me to not just focus on the material with others but provides me an engaging social experience where I can learn from others. When alone, I usually thrive when I relearn the material through online test preparation strategies, such as practice exams, study guides, flashcards, and lessons. Online sources, such as Mometrix, provide students, like me, with helpful material where we can not only review material but learn about overlooked aspects. I take practice exams and review online study guides in order to fully grasp the concept, while also preparing myself for test questions that may be worded differently. I review the questions I got wrong and evaluate which topics I struggle with. Study guides are specifically helpful since it provides a clear guideline for what to expect. Online courses though, not only clarify confusing material for me but help when reviewing. I especially like listening to the audio versions as I retain more information this way. With that, there are normally review videos that will assist me in comprehending difficult topics. Finally, flashcards are an effective strategy while listening to acoustic music. The music adds a relaxing tone and cancels out any unnecessary noise while I review keywords. My memory is not the best, but flashcards have been able to help. Whether it be physical or digital flashcards, testing my knowledge through memorization by flipping flashcards has been one of the key strategies in my success throughout high school and now, college.

Trinity from Washington
College Freshman
University of Washington, Seattle Campus