Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My favorite way to study for a test is to create a list of topics/names to memorize, and then read them out loud to my younger cousin. I have found that explaining topics to him forces me to gain a better understanding of said topics, as it is very difficult to explain something that one does not know. My first step is to write everything that I think is going to be on the test onto a sheet of notebook paper using colored pens (to organize). Next I copy all the words/names onto one side of the card, and basic ideas to know about topic onto the other side. I use basic ideas instead of word for word definitions, because to preform well on a test one has to understand the definition, not just memorize it. Finally I sit down with my cousin and explain each card to him. He challenges me with many questions, because even if kids do not fully understand a topic they have many why questions. I find this tactic especially useful for history tests, as it is very easy to confuse names, locations, and treaties. If I have to explain a treaty, who attended it and why it was necessary in terms that a child can understand, it is much easier to remember. For math and some science tests I simply walk him through each type of problem. If I have to explain why I do each step, I am less likely to forget about it.

Josie from Arkansas
High School Senior
Clarksville High School