Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I always study for tests no matter how easy they are to pass. Finals and accumulative tests are not my strong suit because they encompass everything I have learned. This makes them more time consuming to study for. I have developed an arsenal of preparation practices that have helped me pass many tests, quizzes, and assignments.
Repetition helps me dissect each question and answer. By repeating questions and answers, it gets easier to create a thought process for each type of question. For example, in math classes, I struggle with word problems so it helps me to study them using repetition. By repeating difficult word problems, it helps me to train my brain to see the patterns to solve word problems that I struggle with.
The second way I like to study is by associating the material with an action. It is difficult for me to remember large amounts of vocabulary for different classes In Anatomy class there was a test weekly on the different muscles in the body. Every week, the list of vocabulary got longer so I had to study long hours to do well on the tests. Acting out the terms, making songs, and creating dance moves to remember the parts of the body that I had trouble with helped me and my classmates remember each term associated with the muscles on the body.
The last way I like to study is to create flashcards. Flashcards help me put terms into my own words so that I can understand what each question is asking and how to answer each question effectively. I took a Spanish class and flashcards were a big part of my study routine. By using flashcards I was able to understand what each new word meant and what phrases meant in translation from Spanish to English. Flashcards help me to visualize new information and understand it in depth.
Repetition through actions and flashcards have helped me be successful. With these tools, I will continue to be successful in the future.

Lawren-Chabad from Georgia
High School Senior
Lithia Spring High school