Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Preparing to take a test takes dedication, effort, and fun in my world! When I am excited about taking a test, I often do much better at it than I would have if I wasn't excited. So here are four of my great test preparation practices that get me pumped for test taking:
1. Get some good sleep- In my experience, sleep improves memory. The night or nights before taking a big test, I try to get some good quality sleep. That healthy sleep reduces my stress and gives my brain some room to focus on what I am studying and learning in class, instead of only thinking about sleep. Then, when I go to take the test, I am alert, well rested, and ready to succeed.
2. Physical reminders in the places I go most- This is a fun one for me! I like to make flash cards, colored ones if I can, and take them around with me. One of the best places I have found is the shower! That might seem strange, but if you shower every day, then you will see your notes every day! I make my notes or flashcards waterproof and then study away as I shampoo away! If the note cards are colored that helps too, because then when I see those same colors as I go throughout my day, I am reminded of the information on my flash cards. When I reflect often on that information, I am more likely to remember it on test day.
3. Using snacks as motivation- I appreciate a good snack when I study, but sometimes I feel like I get focused more on my snack instead of my studies. So, to get rid of snacking to avoid studying, I use a good snack as motivation for studying! For example I tell myself, "Study for a solid 20-30 minutes, and then go make yourself a celebration quesadilla." This way I don't get too overwhelmed by trying to learn everything all at once, and I satisfy my taste buds, keeping myself mentally and physically healthy. When I have that balance between my mind and body, my test performance improves.
4. Pray- I pray to Heavenly Father to ask for help to remember what I have studied and learned in class.

Chelsea from Idaho
College Sophomore
Brigham Young University