Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As an architecture student, I have frequent tests regarding the aspects of architectural design. To study for those tests, I often clear my mind by taking a walk or going on a run. I make sure I am healthy by eating well and getting enough sleep. Then, I prepare by getting the content in front of me. Whether they are notes, lecture slides from online, or research from the internet, I make sure I have all of the information. Then, I can study. I make flash cards and write down all of the important concepts and their definitions on the back. If there is an app, I utilize that resource as well. If I have any clarification needed, I consult the TA's, the Professor, or a tutoring organization such as the Think Tank at the U of A. Finally I find fellow students and study with them. Since we are in a quarantine, we usually meet online. I make sure to do all of this well before the actual test date, so I can retain the information for after the test as well. On the test day, I make sure to have a full night's sleep and do my normal healthy routine. I think of astronauts or people who perform tasks in extreme conditions; if they can perform under that much pressure, so can I with lots of practice!

Aaron from Arizona
College Junior
The University of Arizona