Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As I have learned from my time in nursing school, nursing is an art and a science, which means it requires a lot of study time, but sometimes it's difficult to figure out how to study for it. One method of study that I have found to be very helpful for exam preparation is to get hands on experience, whether this is from an online simulated program, or from clinical. However, in this time of social distancing, there isn't very much hands on studying that my peers or I can do. So, an equally successful method I have used has been making concept maps. Concept maps are incredibly useful for comparing interrelated concepts together and analyzing their characteristics. It is very helpful for the combination of abstract concepts and scientific characteristics of nursing. A good example of using a concept map appropriately to study would be to analyze certain disorders. For example, when making a concept map for a respiratory illness, we would definitely want to analyze the concept of gas exchange; that is, a patient who cannot breathe well cannot adequately transport oxygen throughout their body. However, another concept of respiratory illness that is often overlooked is that of nutrition. When a patient struggles to breathe, they often breathe through their mouths to increase how much oxygen they receive. But when it comes time to eat, they cannot breathe through their mouths, as a result, we often see weight loss in patients with respiratory illness. By using a concept map, we can perfectly analyze the art and science that makes up nursing!

Bree from Texas
College Junior
University of the Incarnate Word