Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I do not have very many test preparation practices. Most tests do not require me to study. However, tests that do require studying are usually quite hefty in terms of its effect on my grades. This has persuaded me to develop and use three methods of test preparation: vocabulary review, word association, and visualization.
The first method I use is reviewing vocabulary, or formulas in the case of math tests. Most tests revolve around vocabulary and memorizing them is crucial. The second method I use is word association. To help memorize a certain word, I try to create a joke or other association with the word that I can actually remember. For example, if I was trying to remember who Hamlet was, I could make the joke of calling him Hambo, because he "goes ham" against some of the other characters. Comedy at its finest. The third and main method I use to prepare for tests is visualization. This works by mentally creating or borrowing an image and associating it with information I need to remember for a test. For example, if I need to remember a battle, say Gettysburg, I could either look up an image of the battle and associate the battle with the image, or create my own mental picture of the battle in the form of toy soldiers.
I use vocabulary review, word association, and visualization to prepare for tests. They may not be the best methods, but they have worked for me quite well.

Riley from Arizona
High School Senior
Lake Havasu High School