Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Music? Check.

Study notes? Check.

Snacks and water? Check.

Every year in time for the AP exams, I always have to plan out my study schedule ahead. How many subjects do I study for in one day? What do I use to help me study? What times should I study? In order to do this, I first create a study schedule that helps incorporate all my subjects for me to be constantly reviewing them. In addition, the use of the Pomodoro technique really helps me study and not drain myself out so fast. Especially this year for me, I have a total of 8 AP Exams I am studying for. Therefore, I usually study about two subjects per day for about one hour each. Using the Collegeboard units that are posted, I tend to split up the units I review into a certain amount of weeks. I watch crash course videos on topics I don't understand, and read over my AP Review Books fo the specific unit/section, highlighting and annotating any important topics. The use of sticky notes is also very important, as you can write down sections that are the most important and keep them in your book when you cram for the exam once again. The pomodoro method allows me to study in blocks of 15 minutes, with taking a 5 minute break in between to eat some almonds and drink some water. With this consistency, I am able to keep myself motivated throughout to study for all my exams and get the scores I want!

John from California
High School Senior
Fountain Valley High School