Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As the ACT test approached, I wondered if I’d do well. Unsure how to study for it, I flipped through a preparation book my father had bought for me. Unconvinced it would help me; I closed it and tried not to worry too much about the test. When the day came, I sat in my chair and wondered what I was about to get into. Somehow, these five sections of the test would determine if I would get into the college I wanted. From that first test, I got back a 28, the next a 30, then a 32. I wondered, “Why is it that I get such high scores when so many of my friends don’t?”
After several months of this thought lingering in my mind, I realized that after junior high my test scores and school grades went up. The difference between Junior High and High School was Cross Country. After I ended Junior High, a friend coerced me onto the Cross Country team. This friend had for several years tried to convince me that joining the Cross Country team would be the best thing, but I didn’t believe him until I joined. When I joined, I fell in love with running. I was able to tune everything out and just run. As tests came and went, I didn’t get so anxious, and I remembered things better than before. The time I spent running was more effective on my studies than studying was. It was odd, yet every time I got relaxed on my running, I noticed that everything started spiraling downward. Now, I know that running is the best thing I can do to enhance my test preparation. So instead of studying for hours on end, I just run six days a week and study for a modest amount. This discovery revolutionized my life and will continue to help me all my life.

Asael from Utah
College Freshman
University of Utah