Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Let’s be honest, taking an exam is 90% preparation and 10% execution. It doesn’t matter how great your test-taking skills are if you simply don’t know the material. Luckily I have developed a strategy that allows me to walk into the exam room cool as a cucumber knowing that the proper preparation has been done.
T-1 Week: Exam Prep Sequence Start. Daily homework workload increases in order to clear exam week of non-study distractions. It is imperative central processing unit “brain” (CPUB) be allowed to focus on task “study”. Previous experiments show CPUB overloads when asked to address too many tasks at once.
T-3 Days: Study Module Toggle “On”. CPUB switches to mode “study” and missing knowledge check begins. CPUB takes previous exams in order to discover missing knowledge. When missing knowledge found it is noted for later reviewing.
T-2 Days: Study Module Toggle “On”. CPUB switches to mode “review”. Missing knowledge is reviewed. If missing knowledge isn’t understood, CPUB executes process “local help rooms” where information is explained in a different way by tutors.
T-1 Day: Guidance System engages “Group Study”. Internal CPUB collaborates with external CPUB. Previous experiments show when CPUB is able to explain the Launch Sequence “exam” information CPUB performs better. A secondary effect is external CPUBs explain information in a new way, while also assisting in the discovery of other missing information. Missing information is then discussed and learned by all CPUBs.
T-1 Night: Proper CPUB shutdown sequence commences. It is imperative CPUB be allowed proper rest night before launch sequence “exam”. Testing from project “highschool” shows CPUB underperforms on “exam” when improper rest is achieved.
T-1 hour: Study Module Toggle = “Off”. Information cannot be well acquired in final pre-exam moments and only overexerts CPUB.
T-0 seconds: Exam Sequence Starts. CPUB performs "exam" flawlessly due to proper prep sequence execution.

Nathaniel from Michigan
College Sophomore
Michigan State University