Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My preparation for tests requires me to have a notebook and flashcards depending on what the test is on. If the test is on vocab I will use my flashcards to memorize the word and the definition. I had Italian for three years in high school and we would have vocab quizzes and I would use the note cards to memorize the Italian and English. If there is no vocab what I will do is I'll take my notebook that has all my notes written down in it and I will go through my notes multiple times to remember the information then I'll go back and try to recite my note book by reading the titles of the sections and I will do this for the three days before the Test is going to happen. These work for me because I like to look at what I write because I will understand what I write more than what the teacher writes on the board. If there is a review as well I'll do the same technique as if it was a notebook.

Nicholas from Massachusetts
High School Senior
Agawam High School