Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Being a high school senior you have to do a lot of preparation for testing by the end of junior year. I remember I started studying three months prior to my first SAT exam. I won't lie, I was probably on and off and not consistent with my study plan. I first thought I could listen to a lot of audiobooks and pick up on difficult vocabulary words but I realized I needed to tweak my processing and my routine for each week. When I first got my results back for the first SAT I took, I did not get the results I wanted. So I simply decided to open up an SAT studying group in my high school. we had meetings every other afternoon and online calls the days we didn't meet in person. We did this from May to September and our results were tremendous. I realized that we needed to be consistent every day and study as hard as possible. I just simply thank God that i was able to get a score that sufficed my likings and my school likings.

Stacy from New York
High School Senior
Yonkers High School