Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are study techniques that are particularly useful for specific types of classes and tests. For example, techniques that you use in Economics wouldn't quite transfer so well to a class like Calculus. I'd like to expound on my favorite ways to study for a few of my classes.

This year, I'm taking AP Psychology. Coming in, I had little to no idea of what to expect. I soon realized that AP Psychology was a term-heavy class. Often, it comes down rote memorization of things like experiments, and famous names and experiments. For these types of classes which involve memorization of terms, I turn to methods like flashcards. Flashcards are especially effective because they are simplistic and convenient. If they are in an digital form, it is even more effective because they can be accessed anywhere as long as you have your phone. This means a quick quizzing yourself on the bus or while waiting for class to start.

Last year, I took AP Biology. This class is quite intimidating, as not only does the curriculum cover a wide range of topics, but there are many processes to cover within a specific topic. For this class, flashcards were not necessarily easy to use because terms were not easily covered. In this case, I found it easier to rewrite my notes and redraw diagrams, making sure to add needed and important details that were likely to be on the test. After redrawing diagrams, I made sure to check them with my notes to ensure accuracy. I found this way of studying to be the most effective.

In my school, math is a mandatory subject that must be taken all four years of high school. It is of various difficulties and each unit can be another monster to tackle. I found the best way to study for math in general was to do do lots and lots of practice problems. That way, you can be sure of the basic ways to solve certain things, and then you can be more confident in harder problems that require more analysis.

Lanna from Maryland
High School Senior
Atholton High School