Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Until I was a junior in high school, I never had to study, my classes were easy. For the first time I was struggling and I needed to find a way to bribe other people to help me study for upcoming tests. Nobody wanted to do it because it was boring, so I created a game called "The poison hot dog." This game takes two to four players and the goal is to eat as few hot dogs as possible. The game starts with the players sit in a circle with their hotdogs in front of them and in the middle there is a deck of cards with questions on one side and answers on the other. The players take turns picking a card and seeing if they can answer it. If they answer incorrectly, they eat a hot dog. If they answer correctly, they do not and the next person takes their turn. In the deck, there are special cards called "sudden death" and when a player gets one of these cards they must pick from another small deck containing difficult questions. If they get it wrong, the player is automatically out and the game continues. Whoever is left at the end of the game wins. The other players then have to pitch in and either become a servant to the winner for 24hours or buy something the winner wants. This game worked really well and motivated a lot of my friends to study with me. Plus it was pretty fun making them all my servants for 24hours. I plan on taking this game with me to college and using it to study for whichever classes I take.
Now for the details: I do not like hot dogs so that's how I came up with the name and objective for the game. Each deck of cards was tailored to the subject. (I had around 10 decks or so until I figured out you can write in pencil.) Six hotdogs for two players, nine for three and twelve for four. The servants could not be forced to do anything deemed too embarrassing by the other losers and themselves and the prize could not cost anything over $30 after tax.

Genesis from Colorado
High School Senior
Roosevelt High School Johnstown,Colorado