Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I believe I have great test preparation practices, and I will explain why they have worked for me in the past.

I really enjoy reading the material once completely through before doing anything else. This allows me to see everything at least once. I will then turn my attention to any test material like a study guide, or practice test. This will allow me to know what is expected to be on the test. I will spend a few days reviewing this information, and if it is a test taking the test a few times. I will then ready all of the material all over again, and make notes of the information that is also on the test material. This will allow me to write and give my thinking process to slow down and really understand all of the material.

While this is all great, another very important detail is staying on a regular sleep schedule. Many students struggle with sleeping during test weeks, but I have found that I will have much better test result if I stay on my regular sleeping schedule.

I hope this information can help someone in achieving their educational goals.

Pedro from Idaho
College Sophomore
Western Governors University