Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I like to follow a routine when it comes to preparing for tests. I have learned that over the years this model that I follow really helps me. First I start by looking over my notes. I like to write my notes in blue pen because it helps me understand what I’m writing and memorize what I’m writing at a faster rate. After looking over my notes, I like to go on Quizlet or simply Google practice exams according to the subject that I need to study for. Another way that I like to prepare for my test is by studying with my friends. Studying with friends can be a lot of fun and I especially enjoy it because it’s human interaction rather than learning from a screen. I find that I learn better when I’m interacting with another human than when I’m learning from an online program. I like to make flashcards and ask my friends or my sibling to help me memorize them. The flash card method is also helpful when me and my friends are studying for the same exam. We both do studying at the same time and it can be fun as well. I like the online practice exams because when I study I like to be asked questions. I take this back into studying with my friends and I ask them to ask me questions about the subject that we were trying to learn as well. Overall, I like using various methods when preparing for an exam because I feel that if I do a little bit of everything it helps me understand the content that I’m trying to learn better.

Gabriela from New York
College Freshman
Suffolk County Community College