Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I prepare for tests by going over any notes, powerpoint, etc. that I might have. After I read through them, I teach myself the different concepts. I write down what I know in a way that sounds like I'm teaching it to somebody else. I'll draw images or charts if needed, just like I would on a board in front of a class. If I don't know what to out for something, or forget a bit of information, I go back in my notes to find it, but making sure to only be looking at the information I forgot. This helps me remember because I'm a kinesthetic and visual learner. I like to see the information in front of me, and I like being able to use my body to convey the information. That could be through writing it, acting something out, or even just doing hand motions to help remember something.

Chelsea from Maryland
High School Senior
Walkersville High School