Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Throughout high school I made a decision to try my best in everything I do . Rather that be in sports or academics I have always tried my hardest to prepare myself for success. Especially when it comes to taking test I believe if your prepared you will succeed in anything you do , and I have used this motto throughout my high school career. I have used these key study habits to excel in my test taking. These steps include first writing down when the day of the test is . Then I would plan to study at least 1 hour everyday the week prior of the test date , making sure that I am prepared for it , and thirdly I would pray to God for him to see me through this test and ask for His guidance throughout the test. I would like to go more in depth about my study habits , so when I begin to study for an important test I look at the study guide given and circle all of the things I already know and is comfortable with. Then after, doing that I begin to look at the ones that I am not comfortable with and begin to study those. After getting comfortable with the ones I was once not familiar with I ask a friend or family member to test me over the study guide to see how well I know the information . And if I get all of them right I begin to get more confident and feel prepared, but if I don't get a lot of questions right when being tested by a friend or family member . I will go over the study guide again until I feel comfortable and ask my friend or family member to quiz me on the criteria until I get them all right. With these study habits they work for me ,because do more I practice and get prepared for a test the more confident I become and the fear and worry of failing goes away.

rahmon from Michigan
High School Senior
Southfield christian