Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

For me, preparing for tests and exams, provides not only an excellent opportunity to hone skills such as recitation and memorization, but also utililize cooperation and team building as part of the process. Getting together a group of friends with whom I know I work well allows me to bounce off ideas for essays, compile knowledge, and, most importantly, have a lot of fun while doing so. Working as a collective group unlocks the gates to undertstanding perspectives I otherwise would not have considered. With each individual bringing their own experiences and backgrounds to the table, I am able to put together differing pieces of information into the puzzle in order to form one cohesive plane of knowledge. Coalescing behing one upcoming exam or group project garners a sense of togetherness throughout an otherwise stressful situation. It's almost as if the stress and anxiety itself acts as the glue that pulls us closer together.

As we enter into a new digital age, relationships with our computer screens seem to be taking priority over interactions with our peers. However, there is no doubt that corporations in a myriad of career fields still value abilities of cooperation and teamwork in the ability to problem solve. This is why it is it is of the upmost importance for me to expand my ability to work side by side with others in the quest to achieve my academic goals. Whether it be a daunting final exam or just another mundane set of problems, preparing for tests always involves working alongside my friends and trusted companions.

Sarah from Nebraska
High School Senior
Millard West High School