Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Studying for tests can be stressful, but if done right, it can actually help you retain information and increase your understanding of the topics. It took me a long time to develop good test-prep strategies, as I did struggle with studying for and performing on tests in subjects such as mathematics, science, and history. Thanks to these study strategies, I have performed much better on tests in recent years. Generally, I like to start studying topics for tests at least two weeks ahead of time, reviewing material within units. I use different strategies when I study for each subject. For example, in Mathematics I like to challenge myself and do extra practice problems in my math textbook and take practice-timed assessments to see how quickly I can get through each problem (Without rushing). The questions that I spend the most time on are the topics I go back to review. This helps me to master these skills ahead of time before the test. When it comes to memorizing formulas, I make up acronyms to help me remember each component of the formula and what they mean. These methods have helped me memorize my formulas successfully on quizzes and tests. For science, I study by re-reading the chapters in my textbook and highlighting key information. I record these facts on a note sheet and transfer them online into Quizlet flashcards. I also take practice quizzes and play games to help me memorize this information. Thanks to Quizlet, I am able to quickly recognize correct answers from false ones on quizzes and tests. Lastly, for History, I study by reviewing my notes from lectures and the textbook. I attempt to write paragraphs about each historical event from memory and then compare them to my notes to measure my level of understanding. Sometimes, I even try to recite these events from memory to family members, as this method increases my confidence in remembering the material. These are the ways I study for tests, and whenever I see an A, I know these strategies paid off.

Isaiah from Georgia
High School Senior
Hillgrove High School