Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

School has always been very difficult for me not only because my native language is Spanish but also because I have a hard time concentrating. The reason that I cannot concentrate is because I am mother, wife, student, and I work therefore I really have to get creative with the way I utilize my time. With that being said the way I study must be creative as well.

There are many methods I use to help me study and succeed during my semester because when it come to school I have a 90 percent or lower is not acceptable. I pay out of pocket and if I get anything lower than an A I feel like I am essentially throwing my money away. I currently work in the Operating room as an Orderly and my 12 hour shift are very past faced and sometimes we do not have time for a break.

My unique method of studying consist of flash cards I bring to work with me, when I am waiting in operating room for the patient to come in I pull out my flashcards. I then ask the Anesthesiologist, nurse, or scrub to test me during our down time. I utilize my headphone to listen to the class lectures, and podcast that are available. Then during my break I read what I can form the chapter book and when I get home I finish my chapters and write down notes to make sure I understand the lecture.

This may not seem unique but when there is limited time to study you find ways to make it happen. I have been in school for quite some time and because every unit is paid by me I am determine to succeed and make it happen. It has been a very long journey for me and I am finally so close to being the Nursing program and that brings me so much joy because I have worked long hours and put in so much time but now that I have multiple classes to take school is getting more expensive than ever. Nothing would me more to me than win this scholarship, it been hard trying to focus, maintain my gpa, and also maintain my household especially during this Covid 19 Pandemic. Either way I am determine to finish and finish strong

Dinia from Utah
College Sophomore
Mohave Community College