Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

As a physician assistant major, studying is a huge part of my life and plays a pivotal role on getting into graduate school. Finding the best way to study for myself was essential to be successful in my desired career. I usually start right after class ends and will make study guides from my class notes and PowerPoints that have been provided. I will summarize key concepts into digestible amounts of information to get the main ideas of each section. Then I will breakdown the topic into smaller sections to highlight the integral aspects of each key concept to not miss any piece of information. Writing out these study guides provides a helpful way to study for each exam and to have a cumulative study guide for the end of the semester when finals approach. I also find that using a small white board to quiz myself and friends is extremely helpful. White boards allow me to draw out biochemical reactions, chemistry equations, life cycles, or disease processes which I know will show up in some capacity on the exam. It is helpful to be able to know things inside and out and understand their processes fully instead of regurgitating information. By truly understanding mechanisms, I feel as though I know topics better and can recall information easier than my classmates. Everyone has different study habits that work for them, but making study guides, white board drawing, and quizzing myself has beneficially impacted my grades since I started implementing these test preparation practices.

Kennedy from New Jersey
College Junior
King's College