Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” - Bobby Unser. In my pursuit of success, I have developed a state of mind that perfectly resembles Mr. Unser. Throughout my school career, I have always been a high achiever, and as a result, my peers frequently asked me how I was able to perform at such a high level academically. And every time, I responded with simply “I just try to prepare better than anyone else” which then gave way to the response “well how do you prepare?”. Frequently, people who want similar success try to just replicate my routines and then expect to see outstanding results, but what most do not understand is that you must discover the best way to prepare for yourself. Thus, I try to describe to them how I was able to discover what is best for me and how I implemented these techniques. The first step I recommend is to try different strategies in the classroom and in your personal studies. I personally tried a plethora of techniques such as repetition, visual cues, video explanation, book explanations and even writing with different colored pens. Over time I was able to hone in on the study habits that best suited me. The first study tool I found was simple repetition. I found that through constantly repeating ideas whether by resiting them in my head or writing words on a piece of paper twenty times, I was able to consolidate information much better than any other form of studying. However, this technique consumes much of my day so when I need a faster technique, I found that watching youtube videos with visual representations helps me physically visualize the bigger principles at play. Such visual images then allow me to think critically about questions that might wander outside the direct realm of which we were studying, similar to the questions frequently asked in biology or physics. Another smaller study tool I found is to break up topics overtime. I have a short attention span, and I know that I have a very hard time sitting down to do

Nicolas from Michigan
High School Senior
Trenton High School