Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Test preparation can be daunting, scary, and above all else, frustrating. An exam that counts towards your final grade is looming over your head! How can you be best prepared?

The method of test preparation depends on the subject. However, one method of preparation is common in all - note-taking. This is not to be confused with notes from your daily classes, it refers to notes you take while preparing for the exams as an attempt to organize information in a way that works for you. This makes retaining information easier as you've understood the format of the information by categorizing it in your brain. Two of my favorite examples include in-book sticky notes and mind maps (these come extremely handy for math and sciences).

Besides this, practice tests are the way to academic success. I remember, doing an uncountable number of past exam papers in high school easily acing nearly all my exams. This comes especially handy for more 'objective' and scientific subjects such as physics, maths, chemistry, etc. Usually, your professor would provide you with practice exams, but you must ask if that is not the case!

Finally, time. NEVER PREPARE FOR A TEST THE NIGHT BEFORE. No matter the subject, it is A LOT of information to take in within a few hours. You plan on consuming content that took years and years of theory, research, and revising in one night. Think about it, you - a beginner to the field - plan on studying everything the professor - an expert in the field - spent weeks to teach, in a matter of a few hours?

Test-prep is never easy, and it is not meant to be, and you cannot control that. What you can control however is how stressful such a method is by planning, being organized, and on-schedule.....I mean, a few breaks won't hurt though right?

Moosa from California
College Freshman
orange coast college