Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

There are a lot of approaches to studying, but for me one of the best ways to prepare for a test is to create your own study guide. I do this by first using any study guides or worksheets handed out throughout the course. After entering those questions and answers into my own study guide, I will then go through my notes and textbooks for any other major terms or topics. After those are entered, I print the study guide. I then take the study guide, grab a pen and highlighter, and go to my room or other quiet study place. I read each question then try to think of the answer. If I get it right, I highlight it; and if I get it wrong, I read it over again in order to memorize it. I then move to the following questions and do the same thing. My goal in doing this is to have the whole study guide memorized and highlighted before the test. Sometimes there are questions that I can not seem to get right, so I will write notes on the side to try to give myself a way to remember the answer. Even once the study guide is memorized, I will still try to go over it every so often to make sure nothing is forgotten before I take the test. Sometimes, it helps me to remember questions with lists if I write them out and read them out loud repeatedly. Also, if I have time I will try to guess the question based off the answer to try to give myself a better understanding of the question. This approach to studying is the best in my opinion because whenever you create your own study guide you automatically gain a better understanding of the content which makes memorization a lot easier. This is also proven by studies that show that saying and writing things out repeatedly increase memorization.

Sierra from North Carolina
College Sophomore
Campbell University