Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

Thorough out high school, test preparation has been key to my success. I would not have achieved so much academically without a lot of practice and preparation. Studying can be repetitive, frustrating and downright boring if you don’t have the right tools. My freshman year I dreaded studying, I had no interest in writing everything on flash cards and flipping through them a hundred times and when I did, I felt like I wasn’t retaining any of the information. Sophomore year, I took psychology and I used at least five packs of note cards before the year was over. When the tests came around I wouldn’t get the score I knew I could. That’s when I found Quizlet. Quizlet was great for my core classes and electives, but I found myself struggling when I began to take AP classes. Throughout the year, I’d learn so much, but as the year went on I’d forget what I had learned at the beginning. When the exam came, I felt nervous and I had no confidence. During the exam, I felt like I was racking my brain for concepts and terms. By the end of the exam, I was deflated and just upset with myself. I’d just paid $80 to fail an exam that I should have been more than ready for. I couldn’t think of what else to do in order to be ready for the AP exams at the end of my senior year. I elected to take AP Chemistry as it would be critical for my future college career. The first few months went well, I felt like I knew what I was doing, but as the new year came, all the concepts were beginning to become mushed in my head. I felt like my knowledge was thrown into a blender and I was making connections between two concepts that had nothing to do with one another. Finally, after trying so many different tactics I found Mometrix. I received materials that brought all of my knowledge from the course together and really prepared me for the exam. I feel like the curriculum is being tied together and it makes perfect sense. This year, I know I’m going to rock the exam, even if it’s a little different.

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania
High School Senior
Susquenita High School