Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

"Oi, 'Lexis, come eat your dinner!"

I heard my mother yell from the kitchen downstairs. Dinner must be ready.

Carefully hopping down the stairs with my trusty phone in my hand, I make my way to the dinner table where my little brother, my stoic father, and my hardworking mom are waiting. The dinner tonight is my favorite, some Vietnamese phở bò. My mother always knew how to make the best phở.

While my mom and dad went on about how tiresome work was as nail shop workers, my mom turned and asked how my day went. I told her that I've been studying for my calculus test coming up tomorrow, and that this class was very important to me because I skipped two levels to study with the smartest students at my school. I told her that this class meant so much to me because I had to convince the teachers to let me take the class, even though it was one of the hardest classes to take at my school. I told her I wanted to make my parents proud but studying to the best of my ability, looking up math sites like Khan Academy for practice problems or Quizlet to memorize integration rules and formulas. Deep down, I wanted to prove that their sacrifices and hard work led me to my work ethic and study habits, too.

Both of my parents stopped eating their dinner and looked at me. As Asian immigrants, they never practiced saying the English phrases "I'm proud of you." Instead, they have me this tired, yet understanding half smile. It was all I needed to keep going with my studies. It wasn't just Quizlet or the pretty notes I made on my notebooks, or the (albeit robotic-sounding) Khan Academy teachers that helped me to study; it was the support of my parents that push me to best prepare for my important school tests.

Alexis from Arizona
High School Senior
casteel high school