Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

In order to fully comprehend what I am studying I must fully be relaxed and have a clear mind. This is why when I study for a test I always go to nature either before studying and/or after. I take a walk around my local park or go study at the beach. I take at least 5 minutes to take in the view and then take some deep breaths. It reminds me that this world is so big and the test I am about to take is one small bump in this long journey we call life. Apart from nature, I also have a system that keeps me motivated. I like to call it the 'do and get system'. This system requires I study in chunks and every time a section is completed I reward myself with food, usually candy. This motivates me to finish and removes the biggest distraction, thinking I am hungry and then proceeding to find food. When I combine both the scenery and the food I am bound to have a great study session and hopefully successful test results.

Gisselle from California
College Freshman
Whittier College