Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

My best test preparation comes from my notes that I take in class. As cliché as it sounds, writing stuff down rather than typing it really helps me when it comes to memory. However, I can never write stuff down fast enough before the teacher moves on. After realizing this, I have come up with a system. I type out what my teacher needs me to, allowing me more time to capture both notes on the board and notes coming from his/her mouth, and then when I get home, I write, or rather draw, out my notes. When I copy my typed notes, I color code them in certain colors for certain things (it varies per subject) and draw them out in fun ways that help me remember them. If I have a certain thing I need to remember, my brain will associate it with the shape or design that I draw it in. This strategy not only allows me to write the information twice and become familiar with it, but I also get to handwrite it and creatively cause the information to stick better. Now, this is all just the preparation. Once it comes to actual studying, I take each color from my notes and put them onto coordinating flashcards. Remembering which color set I studied the words off of helps me to remember when I will need that information for the test. For example, in History, I color code people as blue, and dates as pink. If I am studying different eras or authoritarians, I double up on colors so that I remember which people and dates belong to which section. After I do this, I simply go through the flashcards and say the information to myself. If I have trouble remembering something, I try to think that something the word or phrase reminds me of. For example, in English, the term "olfactory" sounds like "old factory". So when I think of olfactory imagery, I think how bad an old factory would smell. Associating little things like this in my brain helps me to remember some of the more complicated stuff.

Madison from Washington
High School Senior
Sumner High School