Write an essay where you tell us what test preparation practices work best for you and why.

I have never been someone who has looked forward or was comfortable taking a test. I mean who does? But for myself I suffer from severe test anxiety due to having dyslexia. I can remember when I was young, always being so afraid of taking tests. Due to being a slow reader and processor I never felt confident in my abilities. That was until I entered college. I knew that going into college I had to be able to take multiple tests for multiple classes within the same time frame. I also knew that the only way I would feel prepared is by getting ready far in advance.
I start my preparations at the beginning of the semester. The syllabus is the greatest tool to help study. When I get the syllabus for a class, I turn to the section that shows the testing schedule. I start by marking my planner with the test dates for each of my courses. Once I am in class I mark off which topics we are doing and how that coordinates to the test schedule. About a week before the test I will start by looking over my notes from the topics that will be on the test. Next thing I do is complete the study guide, granted there is one. If there is not a study guide I will look in the textbook and compile all of the end of chapter questions. Once I have finished the study guides I will make flashcards from the study guide. For my repetition is the best way I learn and study, so for the remainder of the time leading up to the test I use the flashcards. I have found that, for me, I cannot wait till the last minute or night before to study. I always start early so that I can walk into any test with confidence.

Abby from Arizona
College Junior
University of Arizona